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About us

URL Trimmer is an easy to use, high quality link management platform that delivers original short links with capabilities like A/B testing, localization, analytics and more, at a fraction of the price of the other guys. URL Trimmer is one of the flagship products of Pikoya Software. Pikoya was established in 2009 by three founders, Roni Pinhasik, Yuval Koren and David Yanay, who merged their love of technology with online marketing and created the most sophisticated online marketing tools for use in-house on hundreds of marketing campaigns. Seeing the need in the marketplace, they launched URL Trimmer to help others achieve the same success,from corporate marketing teams, community managers, to the average joe affiliate marketer working from their home office.

URL Trimmer is a no nonsense, high quality, affordable product for the massesYuval Koren, CEO

Pikoya is made up of three divisions. Advertising provides advertisers with superior insight, targeting, and customer service. Pikoya Content provides marketers with a brilliant solution for engaging and acquiring perfect users utilizing up to the minute, relevant content. And Pikoya Software provides the perfect code to bring clarity to your online marketing efforts via a highly diverse adserver as well as several high quality online ad tools to manage the day to day. It's this unique synergistic approach to online marketing that gives us our advantage and keeps us on the cutting edge but it is our honest, down to earth nature that makes us stand out in the industry.