About URL Trimmer

Developed by PiKoYa, an expert in Online Marketing Software Applications, URL Trimmer, is an online tool for marketers that trims lengthy links while providing optimization tools,customization features, and robust reporting. Initially developed for in-house use, PiKoYa quickly saw the need in the marketplace and developed a tool that not only covers basic url trimming needs but also provides more professional options such as split testing, geo redirects, OS system distinction, dynamic parameters, robust reporting, and the ability to select or fully customize domains and paths.

About PiKoYa

PiKoYa develops Online Marketing Software Applications, Websites/Facebook Pages in various genres and Games for Web and Mobile.

Other Products


NicheSites is PiKoYa's flagship Online Marketing Software Application, a software tool that enables online marketers to produce, manage and optimize a portfolio of integrated websites and Facebook pages from a single dashboard


PiKoYa's brand new premiere product is Icy Run, a web and mobile game for all ages where users guide a lost penguin across the screen using a patent pending technology that enables them to custom create the penguin's path by their fingertip.